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Both Mike Jacobs and Sarth Calhoun are frequent speakers on a number of marketing topics.   They are available for conferences and corporate meetings. For more information, Contact Us

Topics of past workshops by Mike Jacobs, superaffiliate and affiliate manager, include:

  • Attracting Superaffiliates (Mike is a superaffiliate)

  • Search Engines and Affiliate Marketing - using engines to find affiliates, tracking affiliate success through engines, maximizing revenues through search engine optimization, etc.

  • Maximizing Affiliate Revenues - maximizing conversions, offer selection, etc.

  • Network vs. non-network Affiliate programs - comparison of the programs, including technology, interface, tracking, commissions, security, etc. (Mike managed strategic integration with CJ, Linkshare, BeFree, and several independent affiliate programs in a former position).

  • Several "panels" representing affiliates (not only myself, but the companies I've managed revenue generation for) and affiliate managers

Topics of past workshops by Sarth Calhoun include:

  • Search Engine Secrets

  • Dynamic Pages and Search Engines

  • Search-engine Friendly Design


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